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Is your messaging platform updated enough to be among the best?

Introduce your messaging platform to the industry via our next forthcoming Whitepaper, “The Ultimate Messaging Platform Guide.” Wholesale, Retail, OMNI, or CPaaS, the new Whitepaper will present the most modern and up-to-date messaging platforms.

It wasn’t just another one conference.
It was the re-launch of our entire Telco Industry!
Thank you CC-Team!

Telco Industry Back to Business again!
The CEE 2020 GCCM Conference is just around the corner.
Berlin Aug 2020

Pleased and honored! It’s been less than a month, and the “Messaging Evolution 2020-2023” Free Whitepaper reached already more than 750 downloads! Thank you!

South East Europe Customer Experience Awards 2020

Read Andreas Constantinides article “The Vast Industry Rearrangement” at GCCM Magazine May 2020

Download the latest GCCM Magazine – May 2020 – and explore all new trends of Voice, Messaging and Data Industry.

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