Enterprise Messaging Services.

Welcome to the “latest fort” for telco revenues.

After more than 20 years of a successful career, enterprise messaging succeeded in getting the industry’s attention. Day by day, even the most well-established aggregators and the most significant voice players enters from scratch or reshaping their enterprise messaging business activity.

It seems that enterprise messaging has already passed the period of “nice to have” and comes to the period of the “must have”. The margins appear attractive, compared to wholesale voice or wholesale messaging, and this is a significant factor that leads to the new industry’s rearrangement,

On the other hand, the enormous growth of messaging traffic worldwide, which is already mentioned by Telcos’ researches and the new services and the additional value of the OTT players and RCS, are the most common reasons for this noticeable shifting.

At “more than 160” we help and support companies to examine the possibilities and enter successfully the industry of Enterprise Messaging providing:

  • Enterprise messaging Consultancy
  • Enterprise messaging analysis & decision-making workshops
  • SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and Viber Interconnections
  • OMNI Channel Platforms for Wholesale and Retail Messaging
  • CPaaS Platforms
  • Messaging Platform’s’ Training
  • Management Training
  • Technical Support
  • Sales Workshops and Training
  • Best Practices on Retail Messaging Workshops
  • Synergies & Networking

The industry rearrangement is happening now! If you wish to expand your business and claim your market share on this opportunity, contact us for an introductive free session.

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