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Omni-Channel Vs Multi-Channel 

Released Date: April 2022 

Multi, Omni, Ott, 2-Way Communication… Buzz words without significant difference or a demanding need of nowadays’ Business Messaging Industry?  

In our latest Whitepaper “Omni-Channel Vs Multi-Channel” read all you need to know about the difference, the trends, and the future of business messaging. 

Virtual Numbers Explained 

Release Date:  Jan 2022 

Virtual Numbers: the previous years “follow me” service, nowadays consist one of the most powerful service. The Virtual Numbers are the cause of the creation of new business opportunities that led to new markets, and new working ways and habits. 

The tool previously used for 1 Way Voice purposes exclusively, today is ready, mature and able to work as a 2Way Communication service for fixed and mobile as well.

How to Enter the SMS Wholesale Industry.

Release Date: Feb 2021

If you have thoughts of entering the Wholesale SMS industry, this 50 pages guide is the complete informative paper you ned.
The paper provides all you need to know in advance concerning the business development of the industry.

It will help you to have a look of the SMS Wholesale market insight and will help you to evaluate the opportunity and make your decision.

SMS Talks

Release Date: Apr 2021

What is happening in the business industry after 12+ months of lockdowns, click-away shopping, and plenty of new digital tools appeared?

Ten business messaging professionals describe their perspectives about SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and Viber, share their opinions about other OTT messaging services such as Telegram, Kakao Talk, ZALO, Signal, and indicates the future of messaging.

“The Ultimate Messaging Platform Guide”.

Release Date: Oct 2020

1 Industry
12 Platform Providers
14 Platforms
200+ Pages

What is the future of Business Messaging?
Which are the tools provided for efficient Business Messaging Campaigns?
How Messaging Platforms Providers adapt according to the new Messaging Ecosystem?

The Messaging Evolution Whitepaper 2020-2023

Release date: June 2020

What is the future of A2P messaging? Is SMS dead? What is the future of OTT messaging? In this Whitepaper, you can find valuable information about the trends and the messaging industry’s future and traffic predictions for SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber, for the period 2020-2023 and in some cases, a bit further…

How to Choose WhatsApp Provider

Release date: Feb 2020

WhatsApp is here! Growing and shaping a new messaging ERA on P2A messaging. Our free WhatsApp DO’s and DONT’s Whitepaper gives you all the information required to understand the differences between all commercial policies and to choose the providers to offer the most competitive prices and best service quality!

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