Candidates’ & Companies’ HR Research, made easy!

HR-HUB-4-TELCOS is the latest service of In this hub, we give Telco professionals the possibility to find their next job without “shaking” their current environment, quietly, discreetly, and most of all, confidentially.

Voice or Messaging Professionals, Routing Managers, Account Managers, Marketers, C Level Executives, HR-HUB4TELCOS can find for you the next company to work for,

How does it work for Candidates?

Candidates who wish to change their jobs, need to fulfill the CV form of HR-HUB-4-TELCOS page, and upload their latest version of their CV in pdf.

MoreThan160 team matches the CV with the company requests we receive from the industry. In case we find a match, the candidate will be informed by us via email or Mobile Message to arrange an interview via ZOOM call. 

Please read carefully:

  • We take no actions towards any company without the consent of the candidate. If there is a match with one of our customers, you will be the first to be informed, and we’ll contact the customer only with your permission.
  • and the “HR HUB4TELCOS” will keep your information highly confidential. So, none will know that you are looking for a new vacancy. This is vital, it’s a matter of your professional security, and it’s a promise by our side.
  • We don’t ask for Recommendations about you from third parties. If we need any, we will ask you directly!
  • Having your CV in our database doesn’t oblige and the “HR HUB4TELCOS” to find you a job. 
  • We are here to make the best job-matching according to your professional profile and market’s needs.
  • We don’t do miracles, although miracles happen every day!
  • We don’t charge you for storing your CV. 
  • In case we have something that fits you, we’ll contact you via email or mobile phone to discuss further.

How does it work for Companies?

Choose your candidates among hundreds of Telecom Professionals!

If you are looking for new employees for your company, fill up the form here or email us at letstalk (at) morethan160 (dot) net and inform us about your vacancies.

We’ll search our database and will contact you accordingly.

HR-HUB4TELCOS: Your confidential partner for your Next Career Step!