Branding & Marketing

Leadership is not a wish and never comes easily. It is a matter of constant innovation, valuable information, and smart actions. At “more than 160” we know how to position a brand in the market and deal with its leadership. If your “brand awareness” is part of your to-do list, we are here to help you plan and implement a series of leading marketing actions, able to position your company among the top ones.

Videos & Productions

MoreThan160 is happy to announce our collaboration with Paul Polot Productions. With this cooperation, our customers can create high-quality corporate videos, event videos, digital and social media videos, TVC, and all kinds of video productions. Explore all services here.

Marketing Services

Marketing is not an “idea.” It’s a toolbox that contains valuable elements making your brand interacting with your entire business ecosystem. Like a very standard physical procedure, marketing is an endless series of actions; their impact develops and maintains your brand among its top competitors.

It’s not who you are. It’s how people think about you. It’s not how good your services are. It’s what the market thinks of it. At “more than 160” we help you to create the leadership image and the tools needed to attract and conquer the market.

Are you aware of the unique benefits of Customer Experience? We are here to provide you all the tools required and help you create an unexpected and exceptional customer journey that will push your brand ahead.

Underline your brand and be a significant player providing valuable seminars and webinars about your company, your services, and your methods. We are here to support you in dealing with it, train your market, and guide you to leadership.

Content is the King. You know that already. Right? Then why you don’t share the content of your business in public? At “more than 160,” we create valuable content for articles and publications, helping your services to be spread fast, effectively and widely.

No matter if we do live in a digital world, the impact of a brochure or merchandise is significantly valuable. Take the advantage to create a brochure and merchandise that “tells your story”. You will be surprised by how efficiently it works and the impact it can create.

Newsletters is the most modern and efficient way to keep effectively in touch with your existing and potential customers and partners. We help to plan and execute your newsletter campaigns and keep in touch with your industry promoted the difference and the effectiveness of your brand. 

Social media and especially LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and sometimes Facebook and Instagram, are valuable tools to maintain your brand reputation. It’s a significant part of marketing, which, among other actions, underlines and promotes your brand awareness.

If you are not aware of the massive impact of videos, the time to find out is now! Videos make your brand stand out from the crowd, increase your brand’s trust and relatability, and give customers more information in less time. In “more than 160” we undertake the post-production, the concept, and the implementation of your brand’s video campaigns.

Ever think of going out loud on a conference and stand out for your company? Not sure if you can do it? At “more than 160” we create efficient, understandable and straightforward speeches for your company and your services. And if you can’t perform, no worries. We can do it for you! 

If you want to know the impact of an Award on your industry, think of your competitor holding a trophy! Award-winning companies are treated as leaders and having industry’s respect. Get your company among them and feel the taste of being the first. Don’t know how? No prob! We do!

If you think that conference participation is too expansive for you, then you miss your chance to increase your contacts and collaborations. At “more than 160” we help you “buy” your conference presence and your marketing exposure at the lowest possible price. Try it! 

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