02_James Williams

“Approachable and a great communicator. Knowledgeable. Creative. A real implementer. With integrity and vision. Andreas offers the lot. Very unassuming of his many successes, Andreas is just the person you need in your corner”

James Williams
CEO and Founder – MrConnectivity

03_Alfredo Angel

I have been cooperating with Andeas for several years. He is always innovative and in pursue of adding value to his customers and his partners. He has been very helpful in our activities in Latin America and also very inspirational.

Alfredo Angel
CEO – Aldeamo

04_Xenia Kourtoglou

Andreas is “the joy of life” to work with.  He combines a mind full of innovative ideas, a heart of kindness and enthusiasm, and an inexhaustible stamina when it comes to delivery.  I absolutely look forward to our next project together.

Xenia Kourtoglou
Founder Focus Bari, Co-founder e-satisfaction & IforU, Coach & Mentor, Author

05_Erik van Stokkom

Andreas is a great inspiring person with highly developed skills and has the ability to come up with new ways to achieve results.He always keeps clients & teams motivated and shares knowledge.  Andreas keeps amazing me!

Erik van Stokkom

06_Mark Stewart

Andreas Constantinides is not only one of the most knowledgeable and interesting visionaries in the global SMS market space but he is also a lovely guy who has a wealth of practical international SMS experience.

Mark Stewart
CEO – Internet Mobile Communications Ltd Bank of Telecoms

07_Florence Sebastien

“Andreas is an enterprise messaging expert with deep knowledge of the messaging industry. As a real “out of the box” personality, with his marketing and communication abilities, it is impressive to see how he can successfully transform the entire presence of any business. Innovative, smart, fast, and capable, professionals like Andreas are undoubtedly the asset that companies wish to work with.”

Florence Sébastien

08_Costas Nostis

I met Andreas him 15 years ago, and I worked with him on different projects since his very start at Telecom Industry. He holds an exemplary experience, setting a high standard of what it means to be a true professional. He is a great team leader and an excellent manager with international experience. The Telecom market in Greece is benefited from executives like him, and I feel honored of the various projects we have together implemented during all of this time. Working with him it’s a unique and pleasant experience.

Costas Nostis / Journalist – CEO – Smartpress S.A

09_Jarvis Todd

Andreas has unrivaled insight into how brands, merchants, and value-added service providers can unlock the enormous potential of mobile messaging services. Many attendees of our World Telemedia conferences will not only have benefited from his expertise but certainly enjoyed networking with one the most flamboyant and recognizable faces in the sector.    

jarvis Todd
Managing Director –
World Telemedia Ltd

10_Nassia Skoulikariti

Andreas has phenomenal business acumen and knows the cloud communication and telecom business deeply. In all my interactions with Andreas, he has always gone above and beyond, eager to share his knowledge and help anyway he can. Andreas is kind and considerate, he is the guy you want by your side when you need things to get done.

Nassia Skoulikariti
Founder & CEO –
Apiro Data

11_George Siomkos

Yesterday, I looked for Andreas Constantinides in the Thesaurus, and look what I found:
“…overwhelmingly agile professional, inspirational, witty, unique and pleasant personality, original, inventive.”

George Siomkos
Dean, School of Business & Professor of Marketing, Athens University of Economics & Business

12_Muktesh Narula

“Andreas is a motivated and forward-thinking veteran of the Telecom/Messaging industry. His knowledge and years of experience is reflected in every interaction that I have had with him over the years after first meeting him at the Mobile World Congress in 2016.”

Muktesh Narula

Associate Director – Pinnacle Teleservices