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At “more than 160” we provide valuable information and tools about all kinds of messaging. Networking, Messaging Termination, New Business Development, Enterprise Messaging, Platforms and all you need to expand your messaging business at your service. Just ask for it!

SMS remains the King of messaging. Wholesale trading is still a significant growing fragment in the industry. Newbies RCS, WhatsApp, Viber hold huge potentiality for market growth. In “more than 160” we can guide you to providers for reliable messaging termination.

What is messaging without a reliable and up-to-dated platform? Wholesale, Retail, or OMNI, we can provide you the most reliable platform providers. Just ask for a free presentation according to your business needs!

WhatsApp claims to be the Queen of P2A messaging. RCS too. Marketing has changed, and the time that brands talk to customers like two good friends is a nowadays need. Communication Platforms as a Service are just around the corner, and the P2A growth seems fast and profitable.

Expand your business and take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Explore the messaging ecosystem, find out the details for your business success, and protect your stakeholders from swimming into the deep waters. R U ready?

Every research about messaging indicates that SMS will remain the significant A2P messaging media even for this decade. White or grey, premium or not, we can help you to make the best out of it!

WhatsApp already sharing its API to medium & large companies for P2A communication. With 55K business accounts to 2024, seems to be the next best messaging thing! Let us share with you all the secrets behind!

Yes, it’s true! Google’s Holly Grail is moving with low rates but a hopeful future. According to traffic, RCS seems to be the second successful business messaging media in the next years. The market is still confused with all technicalities, but revenues seem enormous. Contact us for more.

The first OTT that led us to the new messaging reality conquer the market of more than 20 countries. If you belong to them or want to expand your business to those countries, we know how to take you there!

Telegram, Zalo, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Signal, and other OTT services dealing with business messaging as well, in local or/and international markets. The great OTT messaging world is here to claim its market share. If you want to be a be part of it, contact us!

Get advantage of networking with the best of the best of the Telco industry. The right connection on the proper moment is, most of the time, the key to success. In “more than 160,” we bring executives and businesses together in a scale of ordinary partnerships to business acquisitions.

If you have messaging tools or services valuable to other ” telco players”, or if you want to start over, but you don’t know how, rely on us! At “more than 160” we bring companies together and make your life easier! Don’t struggle! Ask the experts!

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