Spark Engagement, Drive Sales, and Reconnect with Confidence

Did you know that 77% of B2B Customers prefer email campaigns above any other communication method? At MORETHAN160, we thrive on transforming simple newsletters into powerful tools that drive engagement, revive customer interest, and skyrocket the sales of your business.

Why Choose Our Newsletter Campaigns?

  1. Cost-effective Communication: Unleash the most budget-friendly and efficient B2C communication channel available.
  2. Engagement Booster: Craft captivating topics that spark meaningful dialogue and connection with your audience.
  3. Consistent Brand Visibility: Consistently remind your customers of your offerings, securing your brand’s top spot in their minds.
  4. Sales Generation: Craft campaigns that don’t just sell but create ongoing opportunities for conversions.
  5. Customer Reactivation: Revive, Revitalize, Repeat! Breathe new life into inactive customers, reigniting their interest and boosting loyalty.
  6. Sales Rocket Fuel: Watch your sales uplift with our personalized campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Newsletter Campaigns by MORETHAN160

Empower your email newsletters with our award-winning telco marketing team and watch your B2B sales thrive! Connect with us to orchestrate, craft, and execute email campaigns that captivate and compel your contacts.

Curious of what our Service Package includes?

  • Email List Preparation: Streamline your contact database.
  • Expert Consultancy: Tailored guidance for impactful campaigns.
  • Content Creation & Contextual Expertise: Compelling content that resonates.
  • Design & Layout Excellence: Aesthetically pleasing and impactful visuals.
  • Seamless Execution: Flawless implementation of campaigns.
  • Performance Analytics: Detailed insights for informed decisions.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

We’re not just your service provider; we’re your dedicated partners, offering unmatched support at every turn.


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1. How can I find email addresses to send my campaigns?

Your existent clientele, as well as the industry contacts you have are enough to start working on your newsletter campaigns.

2. How many email addresses do I need so I can perform a newsletter campaign?

Every average business holds at least 100 B2B email addresses. Those addresses are more than enough to start communicating the services, and the news of your company.

3. Do you suggest buying an email list with B2B Telco recipients?

No, not at ALL! We all know that there are plenty of email lists sold in our industry, lists that you can possess for some hundreds of euros. BUT EVEN IF YOU BUY IT, THERE ARE NO RESULTS AT ALL! People respond to recipients they know. Buying an email list and spamming the whole industry with your newsletter, won’t have any beneficial result for your company. You will waste your money and your domain will be blacklisted from the spam filters. No matter what they are promising to you, NEVER USE SUCH LISTS!

4. I don’t have a Marketing team. Who is going to create it?

The MoreThan160 Marketing team will create and implement your newsletter campaigns. The topic of the newsletter will be agreed upon between you and the Team in the call you will schedule twice a month so you can discuss the campaigns.

5. What MoreThan160 can provide to me?

The MoreThan160 Marketing team will provide you all the services described in the service package, mentioned above.

6. What to expect after executing Newsletter campaigns?

The first you have to expect after newsletter campaigns is the communication of your existing customers, active and deactivated. A newsletter campaign is able enough to create a topic for discussion encouraging the creation of dialogue. This is the most important thing so you can re-activate and engage more customers.

7. What else do I need to know?

Many things need to be discussed. That is why we recommend you contact us so we can arrange a ZOOM call and discuss the unlimited possibilities of the Newsletter campaigns.

8. How can I have the offer?

Just contact us, and leave all the rest to the MoreThan160 Marketing Team

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