SMS Club
Networking, Quality, & Profitability, Made Easy!

MoreThan160 established a new service called “SMS Club” which aimed to bring SMS providers together.

The purpose of the service is to give MoreThan160 customers the opportunity to create a network of Telco stakeholders by exchanging their top destinations for SMS Termination.

With this scheme we will ensure the quality needed and will create a new and trustworthy alliance providing significant competitive advantages, top quality, and real, profitable prices.

All Telcos that participate in this alliance, are chosen and approved by MoreThan160, they agree to share only high-quality SMS termination routes and they commit to bilateral services.

If you are interested to share your direct connections, please fill up and submit the form. When we have received your form, an Account Manager will contact you shortly.

SMS Club” is an exclusive service of MoreThan160 LTD. The entrance of new members is evaluated by the MoreThan160 team. The submission of the form does not oblige the company to accept the proposed cooperation.