Release Date: April 2023

What’s inside?

Participation in an Awards competition for any company and from any Industry is a challenge for those who perform differently, innovatively, progressively, or at least they think they do…

No matter the results, being among the nominees is always proof of a well-established, promising, and powerful organization. It is proof of a solid structure that is not afraid to compete, challenge, win, or lose! And this is a non-negotiable benefit!

This year, the Global Telco Awards are dedicated to the Founder of Telephony Antoni Meucci, and all of our Industry’s Pioneer. With completely different procedures and more than 60 Judges from all aspects of the industry, we ensure the clarity, transparency, and objectivity needed to provide the best, innovative, and progressive players the reward deserved!

In this guide, we show you how you can achieve this, with easy, fast, and simple procedures!


  • Prologue
  • The Antonio Meucci Awards Procedures
  • How to effectively build your nomination (this guide will give you the basic principles for all kinds of Business Awards Nominations)
  • The Antonio Meucci Evaluation Phases, Points, and System.
  • Why Participate as a Nominee on the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards
  • FAQs

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