Omni-Channel Vs Multi-Channel

Released Date: April 2022 

What’s Inside 

 Multi, Omni, Ott, 2-Way Communication… Buzz words without significant difference or a demanding need of nowadays’ Business Messaging Industry?  

In our latest Whitepaper “Omni-Channel Vs Multi-Channel” read all you need to know about the difference, the trends and the future of business messaging. 

  1. Intro – Author’s Prologue
  2. Omni-Channel Vs Multi-Channel
  3. Multi-Channel – The Benefits of the Early Days Higher Engagement Tools
  4. When the OMNI-Channel started?
  5. The Business Messaging among the Generations
  6. All for those who pay the bill!
  7. Facts & Figures – 12 More Omni-Channel facts & measurements you need to know! 

Explore all about the difference between Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel in our latest, 33 pages Whitepaper.  

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